Saturday, 19 March 2011

fun sunday

                                                  ramu and the rock
narrator : one day ramu rabbit was wondering in the forest suddenly rain stared he saw a cave near to him.
ramu : still rain stop  i should wait in this cave.
narrator: waiting in the cave ramu slept. after some time when he woke up so he was surprised to se that a rock has is on the enterence. he tried to much to push  but how a small rabbit can push a big rock. 
ramu : ' someone has locked me in a cave ....'  
narrator: ramu shouted , suddenly the rock started walking. 
ramu : oh this is elrphant who has sit on the enterence.
elephant : i was tired so i sat near the cave , you thought any rock has sat ha...ha...ha...ha...  elephant said 
                                                                                                 the end                                         

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